Occlusal Analysis & Adjustment

t-scan-dental-occlusal-analysis-and-adjustment_0Occlusal Data for Better Treatment Outcomes

Tekscan-Dental_3666T-Scan® is dentistry’s only clinically recognized and research validated digital occlusal analysis system.

Historically, the field of occlusion in dentistry has been dominated by subjective analysis and “patient feel” to diagnose and treat occlusion. Articulating paper is an occlusal indicator that only shows points of contact between teeth. However, paper alone cannot provide data on the level of force and timing of when the teeth come together.

Using T-Scan® as an occlusal analysis method leads to a more informed level of care and assists you in performing precise adjustments.

Additionally, when patients can see a visual representation of their bite, they are more likely to relate to what is really going on inside the mouth. Having this visual aid for patients is a great way to educate them and gain acceptance of your treatment plan.

Use T-Scan during occlusal analysis and adjustments to:

  • Pinpoint occlusal issues with digital data
  • Avoid costly remakes
  • Educate patients on their occlusion
  • Gain commitment to treatment

Tekscan offers dentists training opportunities and courses to learn more about the value of digital occlusal analysis in any dental practice.