University of Delaware Featured on NBC Nightly News for Concussion Monitoring Program

The University of Delaware was featured on NBC Nightly News for their extensive concussion monitoring program. They recently joined the nation’s largest concussion study with NCAA and the Department of Defense.

Part of their comprehensive concussion assessment program incorporates Tekscan’s Sports AT Software using the MobileMat. The software contains a Balance Error Scoring System (BESS) module, which automatically calculates the subjects score using one of Tekscan’s pressure measurement mats. By eliminating the inter/intra-rater variability issues, it provides objective baseline and post-injury testing independent of the tester’s experience. An automated version of the Sports Concussion Tool 3 (SCAT3) in also included in the software.

After completing a study using the BESS module of Sports AT, Jaclyn Caccese, Doctoral Student – Biomechanics and Movement Science, University of Delaware said, “The BESS software from Tekscan provides a new level of assurance to team physicians and athletic trainers in that the BESS scores for their athletes will always be determined in the same way, regardless of the training and experience levels of the tester….This gives them the peace of mind and confidence that they can meaningfully compare and trend their athletes’ BESS scores relative to their baseline, even over multiple seasons.”